BNET Learning Young professional Scholarship Program is a two-month intensive professional development program where candidates would engage in intensive training on the fundamentals of Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Project Management, and Database Management Systems

The Scholarship Program aims to create opportunities for young professionals seeking to kickstart their careers in any of these areas and also enhance their chances in the job pool. All scholarship applicants will also have the opportunity to be part of our online community of diverse groups of professionals where they will be intentionally nurtured for growth via mentorship and networking opportunities.

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The Scholarship Program consists of two cohorts;

  • Business Analysis and PMP Cohort: This cohort is focused on acquiring technical skills in business analysis and Project Management.
  • Data Analysis and Database Management: The data analysis and database management cohort is designed to equip scholars with the knowledge and technical skills to kick-start a career in data analysis or database management.

Who can apply:

  • 20 – 25 years old
  • Must have a University Degree or HND
  • Be fluent in English
  • Keen interest in cohort offerings

How can I apply?

Application for the Young Professional Scholarship Program 2021 is currently ongoing.

The application closes on the 6th of December, 2021. To apply:

  • Fill out the Application form
  • You are required to register and attend the Finishing Strong EventĀ 
  • Your application will be reviewed and a follow-up assessment will be sent to you based on your selected cohort.
  • Note that a banner will be sent to your mailbox, it is mandatory that you post this banner either on Instagram or LinkedIn and tag @bnetlearning using the hashtag #BNETLearningScholarship2021
Scholarship Application Form